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Fresh . Tasty . Healthy .

Cost Effective Dishes

As a community bakery and with the every increasing cost of living that affects us all, we decided to try and help the best way we can to support and educate people, by offering FREE /PAY WHAT YOU WANT cookery classes from mid September, one day per week (usually Thursdays) from 10.30am until 1.00pm.

You will learn how to cook simple, healthy and tasty dishes which can easily be made at home, using fresh, affordable, nutritious,  ingredients.  


At the end of the class, we will all sit down and eat the food we have cooked together.


If you have no cooking skills, dont worry!  just book your ticket and come along! 

This is a FREE / PAY WHAT YOU WANT EVENT:  Just choose the amount you would like to pay at the checkout, (this can be zero or an amount of your choice) and grab your ticket!

All courses are transferable to another person and the attendee

will be required to fill in a registration form on arrival

Organic Vegetables
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