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Young Apprentice

Suitable for ALL levels

This 8 week course will give the young baking enthusiast a taste of each of the full one day courses we currently offer at the Academy.


From an introduction to bread making to the more demanding bread making skills of sour-dough. We will cover French and Italian breads as well as Patisserie and the delicate art of Afternoon tea fancies.

The climax of the course will be a full day in the Academies training kitchen where the student will have the opportunity to demonstrate to Master Baker Ed and a guest professional baker what they have learnt by independently producing their very own ‘show stopper’!

Successful completion of the program will be recognised with a certificate of achievement, a letter of introduction to future employers, and of course their academy goody bag, and a lifetime discount voucher for future full courses they attend at the academy.

8 Week Course


Classes are on a Wednesday evening 5.00pm - 7.30pm


Week 8 Show Stopper Saturday - Full day session


Cost per person per 8 week course £100

Young Apprentice 8 Week Course
Young Apprentice 8 Week Course
01 Sept 2021, 17:00
Brickyard Academy
Image by Miti
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